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Pascal Photography brings you unique natural and artistic approach to photographing your son’s or daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We know that it’s very important to capture once in a lifetime memory and for that, we provide our best service for Jewish family celebration events.

After all, those years I have been photographing Jewish events in Los Angeles, I think I am able to give you some tips on this; You know one tricky event in every child’s life is their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It’s not only tricky for them as they go through a lot of training to get to that day. It’s also tricky for the parents and planners. So, here are a few tips on how to plan. First of all, keep in mind that you are going to have to concede this with a lot of other people, not just yourself. So try not to be selfish. Definitely, confer with the Rabbi and the other Congregates to see who’s going to be available and when. Definitely, want to plan a venue. And I suggest one of the latest trends these days, is definitely to plan a theme. Boys love baseball and football and the girls, well they just love anything about girls. So, keep in mind when you plan your Mitzvah party that you do so in an orderly fashion. You want to get the food together. You want to make sure the caterer is available. You want to make sure that everyone is available to come. So when you are doing this, and planning this special occasion, definitely include a lot of other people. Get some feedback from them. But keep in mind the most important part of it. This is the child’s biggest day thus far in their lives. And a very spiritual day for them. So the ceremony is going to be beautiful. The party just as beautiful. But keep in mind, it’s all about them. So let them have as much impact on the decision-making the process as possible.

How to plan that perfect candle lighting ceremony. Well, first of all, traditionally, they go with thirteen candles. That’s a traditional thing. But sometimes you could also add a fourteenth for good luck. So you’ve got these thirteen candles you need to light, you’ve got the fourteenth one for good luck, and so who are you going to choose to help you light them? Well, traditionally, this is a very symbolic portion of the ceremony, or rather the celebration, and symbolically, and traditionally, what you might want to consider is having those people who have had a vast amount of influence in this youngster’s life, to help celebrate this time and help light the candles. That could be a special grandmother. It could be a special teacher, a special friend. Choose people who have a good amount of significant impact on this child’s life, because that’s going to help them spiritually get involved with this. It’s going to always be a fond memory. And they want to remember these people. Symbolically and right then and there, they want to know that they are here with them now and that they will be here with them tomorrow. So keep in mind, you can do whatever you want during your celebration. Have either thirteen candles or fourteen–that fourteenth of course for good luck. And be sure to choose those who are going to help you light the candles wisely and quite liberally, because they have had an impact in your life, and should be there for your special day.

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