Malibu Beach Wedding in the winter!

point dume-california-beach wedding-Malibu-california-affordable-wedding-photography

We  Love LA, “Bride and groom family says”, I just had a traditional beach wedding photography at Point Dume in Malibu. Gorgeous weather, blue sky, and calm with lots of fun for the new couple which traveled out of state for getting married in a famous location in southern California.
– Feb 18, 2018

Malibu Beach Real Estate Photography

On Thursday I had shooting set up for real estate photography in Malibu, CA.  Great location, walking to the beach awesome whether for commercial photography. Enjoyed very much

Pascal Commercial Photography-Malibu CA
Pascal Commercial Photography-Santa Monica

Pascal RealState Photography-Los Angeles

Real State Photography-Malibu CA

Pascal RealState Photography-Los Angeles

Real State Photography-Malibu CA

Real State Photography- LA, CA

Temecula Valley, California’s Wine Country’s event
Stella Barra Pizzeria in Santa MonicaPascal Photography-Temecula valley event-photography-Stella Barra Pizzeria-santa monica
Temecula valley event-photography-Stella Barra Pizzeria-santa monica-by Pascal (310) 656-1155

Temecula valley event-photography-Stella Barra Pizzeria-santa monica-by Pascal (310) 656-1155

Temecula valley event-photography-Stella Barra Pizzeria-santa monica-by Pascal (310) 656-1155

Pascal Photography-event-photography-Stella Barra Pizzeria-santa monica  Temecula valley event-photography-Stella Barra Pizzeria-santa monica-by Pascal (310) 656-1155
Pascal Photography-Temecula valley event-photography-Stella Barra Pizzeria-santa monica  Event-photography-Temecula-vally-Pascal-310-656-1155

Beautiful sunrise on the Santa Monica beach California!

Sunris in Malibu 2017

-Jewelry Photography in The Jewelry District Los Angeles

When it comes to jewelry, it’s all about the details. Beautiful, high quality photos to showcase these details are essential for a professional, consistent ,and reputable site. Accurate representation of your product is key, because customers need to be able to learn as much about your product as they possibly can, before they can make a decision about whether or not to purchase it. With that in mind, let’s discuss how to avoid the ten most common pitfalls that jewelry product photographers often fall into, when photographing their products.





-Traditional Wedding in Malibu Canyon

I have enjoyed photography my entire life. Some of my happiest memories are of helping my uncle in his dark room when I was little. I decided to specialize in wedding photography because there’s nothing quite like it.
Every couple is unique and every wedding is different. My favorite part of the wedding day is making portraits of the couple. My goal for them is to share in images what words can’t express. Through my images, the best moments of your wedding day will be captured. I would love to talk to you more about how I can help make your day as perfect as you’ve planned it.

DSC_4276 DSC_4345 DSC_4515 DSC_4686 bw DSC_4692 DSC_4719 bw DSC_4750 DSC_4797 DSC_4809 DSCF2743 DSCF2899 bw DSCF3170 DSCF3209 bw DSCF3298

– Wedding Photography in Queen Mery Long Beach

Our Wedding Photography in Queen Mary-136Groom single shoot photography in Queen Mary long beach by Pascal Queen Mary wedding photography in Log Beach CaliforniaWedding Photography in Long Beach at Queen Mary 310-656-1155Black and white wedding by Santa Monica photographer
Groom and Bride shoots by Santa Monica PhotographerAward wining Bride shoots by Pascal in Santa MonicaCouples walking after the wedding ceremony Brides maid shoots in Long BeachArgentinian Bride and Brithsh Groom wedding in Los Angeles Argentinian Wedding first dances in Los Angeles

– Family Portrait photography in Santa Monica

Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-12Family Portrait Photography Los AngelesFamily Portrait Photography Los Angeles-13Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-10Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-9Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-6Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-7Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-5Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-2Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-3Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-4Family Portrait Photography Los Angeles-11

– Outdoor wedding in beautiful Malibu beach country club
British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los AngelesBritish Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-51British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-33British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-31British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-30British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-29British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-2British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-3British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-7British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-35British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-36British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-12British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-38British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-39British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-40British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-41British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-18British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-19British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-20British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-21British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-22British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-23British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-24British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-6British Wedding Photography in Malibu-Los Angeles-28

Red Carpet Even Photography at Beverly Hills and Hollywood CA

Red-Carpet-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_ Red-Carpet-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-16 Red-Carpet-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-14 Red-Carpet-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-15 Red-Carpet-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-5 Red-Carpet-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-8 

– Wedding Photography in Los Angeles, California

Rachel and Jeffrey were married at CASA Del Mare overlooking the Santa Monica Beach. On the day of the wedding I met the girls at their getting ready address of Mint Apartments a venue that offers an impressive view of the city Skyline. Rachel was an incredibly relaxed bride. She has a lovely way of making everyone feel special. As I entered her apartment, I was greeted by one of her trademarks peels of laughter that would become a feature of her wedding portraits. Arriving at the service I noticed that while Jeffrey looked ultra-cool and every bit the celebrity DJ he was also very nervous and doing an excellent impressionable of a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Luckily for
Jeffrey he had a Group of supportive groomsman at his back to help keep him settled and to ensure the all small details were in place for Rachel’s arrival.

African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-designAfrican-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-2African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-4African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-5

Jeffrey’s nerves were soon forgotten once Rachel arrived, From the moment their eyes locked they visibly relaxed. It really seemed to be a true case of two souls uniting to become a whole. With time lines converging and light fading the wedding photos needed to be executed efficiently. I can’t express the importance of using professional photographers to photograph weddings. Experienced professional photographers get the job done in all circumstances, rain, wind, extreme backlight, low-light, professional photographer will have the knowledge, equipment and experience to get the best results. The reception was held at a private address, an option that has become quite popular over the past couple of years.
African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-6
African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-7African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-9African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-11African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-12

The chocolate fountains were a real feature with a couple of the guests helping themselves to a glass and a half of chocolaty goodness!
Our wedding photography packages include coverage until the end of the reception. This means cake cutting, speeches bridal dances and all of the other special monies from festivities photographed as they really happened and not as mock-ups.

African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-13African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-14African-American-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-CA -Album-design-15

– Indian Wedding Long Beach, California

I photographed my first wedding at about 29 years old and I hated every single minute of it. And the reason is simple, Back in the 1980’s it was not cool or fun to be a wedding photographer. Everything was very stiff, very traditional and my true passion was Fashion and Modeling Photography. So it is really interesting now to be a wedding photographer looking back at my roots, so to speak. Because in my work today you can absolutely see that architecture plays a major influence on my work that I produce not only for myself, but for my clients. So fast forward another 20-25 years, I once again revisited wedding photography. Only this time in 2005-2006 it was cool to be a wedding photographer.


I am creating memories for people for a lifetime. Things that they would hang on their walls and look at as pieces of art more than just a snapsnot. I am doing today what I was born to do and that is being a wedding and portrait photographer. I’m really about the big architectural portrait. I want to create what I call a ‘signature edit’ for my client. That piece of art that they are hanging on the wall. When they have friends and family over, they are looking at that and it is this beautiful picture and their friends going “Oh my god, that is a beautiful picture – oh wow – you’re in it!” We have big Indian, Afghan, Pakistani, Persian and Arab community in Los Angeles county. I should say that, I love to work in the international culture weddings. My favorite is Indian weddings, they are fully colored, flowers and arts and of course some Hindu wedding will take two or three days! But I love itIndian-Wedding-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-7Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-8Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-9Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-10Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-11Hidu-Wedding-Photographer-Los-Angeles-CA_-13Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Long-Beach-CA_-14

– Latino Wedding Album designer 

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. As a professional wedding photo album designer in LA  we understand the bride and groom wants to capture every beautiful moment of then special day. We combine unique artistry with the highest level of technical skill to insure your wedding memories are tastefully preserved forever. The wedding album should be a work of art and you only get one chance to choose the right Los Angeles wedding photographer to make it happen.


 Armenian Engagement in Glandel, California

Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los AngelesArmenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-2Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-8Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-9Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-10Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-16Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-12Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-22Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-27Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-32Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-29Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-36Armenian Engagement Party Photography Los Angeles-35

– Quecianata San Fernando, California

Quinceañera Mexican 16 years girls Party Photography Los Angeles-6
Quinceañera Mexican 16 years girls Party Photography Los Angeles-19
Quinceañera Mexican 16 years girls Party Photography Los Angeles-32
Quinceañera Mexican 16 years girls Party Photography Los Angeles-20
Quinceañera Mexican 16 years girls Party Photography Los Angeles-37
Quinceañera Mexican 16 years girls Party Photography Los Angeles-13

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