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We’ve been in this business (wedding Photography) a long time and have seen our share of wedding day mishaps and close-calls. Being one of the only vendors that are with you the entire day we’ve learned plenty of time-saving, stress-reducing tips to help our brides stay calm, cool and collected on the most important day of her life. Even the best-planned wedding is bound to have a few hiccups along the way, but if at the end of the day you are married…….it was a success!

Here is Wedding Tips-Advice from Debby (our clients)

We share the W-day secrets that nobody lets you in on… until now!”

For most of the brides, planning a wedding is a million miles away from the day job, but it turns out that even pros fall into the same pitfalls! Here are some things that you need to know for your “BIG DAY”


#1- It’s All About you (Well, Kind of)
Thought all those planning decisions were down to you and your fiance? Think again!
Friends and family can have surprisingly strong feelings on anything from venues to guest lists once planning gets underway, and it’s easy to lose sight of what you want under a deluge of ‘helpful’ advice. My fiance and l went through a stage of feeling like our day didn’t really belong to us.. While both our mum felt like we weren’t involving them, so it’s important to find a middle ground. Stay true to the vision you have of your wedding, but make a few concessions to keep friends and family sweet.

#2-YOU CAN’T  GO ALONE You may have the vision, but you need to involve others if you want to stay sane. Friends and family want to help out, so take advantage of their free time and labor. .Just make sure you communicate what it is that you envisage so that you’re not disappointed with the finished result.

#3 TABLE NUMBERS ARE TRICKY Table numbers seemed like an easy option when it comes to organizing our plan- So much quicker than thinking of table names, right?

Tips for wedding table number s by Los Angeles wedding photographer
It was. Until we realized that everyone on table 10 would get an insight into where they came in the pecking order. If you really don’t want table names, try mixing your numbers up so it isn’t obvious to guests how far down they were on the guest list!

#4 PHOTOGRAPHER IS IMPORTANT  We thought we had set aside quite a large budget for photographers (Pascal Photography) we wanted. It was money well spent-they were so professional on the day and the result was stunning. They captured all our guests enjoying themselves as well as the details that we worked hard so hard on (but barely noticed on the day!)


#5  PINTEREST ISN’T REAL LIFE It’s easy to develop a full-on Pinterest obsession when planning all the details of your day, but it’s frustrating when the amazing table setting pins you’ve found can’t be recreated for 100 guests without a megabucks budget or an army of a stylist. I had a light bulb moment when a friend reminds me that most of the pins I’d fallen in love with were of looks put together by a professional stylist for a photo shoot, not reproduced 100 times over.
Remembering this helps me to adapt ideas I liked the look of, rather than religiously trying to recreate them and then getting stressed out.

#6 Traditions have changed Weddings have become much more creative in the past five to 10 years, and relatives can be completely confused by the concept of ice cream trikes, ceremony singalongs, and barn venues.

Bear this in mind when breaking your more creative wedding ideas to them do it gently and he prepared to meet with some criticism. It wasn’t until our wedding day that my mum appreciated why I’d chosen some of our less traditional aspects, and she loved them once she could see them in action! Showing parents what you have in mind a Pinterest can help them visualize it, as can showing them real weddings on blogs.

# 7 DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF  The only thing that mattered on my wedding day was marrying my husband and seeing all of our favorite people having a great time Our details looked gorgeous. Out they didn’t even compare to the excitement of saying our vows or the emotion of seeing my mum face when she first saw me in my dress. No hiccups or wedding day dramas can spoil those special moments. So even if it doesn’t feel like things are going as smoothly as you’d like in the run-up. Remember all that matters is that you’re a Mr and Mrs at the end of it.
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