We love what we do, after years when you look back at your wedding photos, we like you to remember all the emotions that you felt in your wedding!
You’ll want to remember every part of your big day and for that you need to pick the best photographer with your favorite style of wedding photography. MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE Time and time again photographers and Videographers agree that the most important thing you can do to get the images you love is to select the right person to capture your big day. Make sure you sign with someone who feel right to you. It’s your day you should find someone who will give you what you want In addition to choosing the right photographer or videographer, making sure you creative style are in sync is vital. With so many options available.
We want our clients to be educated about the process and are happy to help them learn the important information.” Ultimately, the key is to be honest with the professionals you hire, so we know what is really important to you and possible areas of compromise.Engagement photos are an exciting way to set the stage for your big day, Not only is this a great opportunity to get to know your Photographer a bit better, but it also show to the world whom you are as a couple. The following ideas can ensure your first engagement photo represents your personalities.
Choose a meaningful location: where he proposed, your first date, the shady tree you love to sit under together, or even your own backyard oasis.
Incorporate fun props: a colorful bunch of balloons, your grandfathers antique car, a whimsical parasol, or tandem bicycle.
Do an activity you love: take a picnic in the park, tend your garden, get some ice cream, or take a fishing expedition. No matter what you choose, engagement photos are a great opportunity to have fun, while being true to who you areTAKE ADVANTAGE Of TECHNOLOGY In a time when couples are being mindful of their budgets, while still wanting to make a personalized statement, video (DVD) invitations are a great option to explore.

Popular wedding photography falls into the;Photojournalism and Candid Style in Los Angeles

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Document your DAY If you love the idea of capturing spontaneous smiles and silly exchanges between your loved ones, the photojournalists or documentary photo approach may be right for you. “Brides like the idea of having more images that capture the day as it happens, it removes a lot of the stress of a lengthy posed photo time. Todays photography is more about experiencing the day in a photography-friendly way than taking hours of posed, formal pictures.” This option truly allows you to look back and relive the story of your day long after it.
Candid shots are totally unposed. They are some of the best shots to compliment the other shots of the wedding day. We used to shoot entirely posed and structured images, but can’t imagine ever going back to that way of shooting again. These shots, when combined with the others to create a story book” effect adds more emotion and impact to your wedding Photos than any others.

Traditional and Classic or Formal:


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From the early photography days, The Traditional Style or of Wedding Photography usually calls for a shot list. The photographer wants to make sure that we had photographed everyone the bride and groom want. Traditional photographers concentrate most of their efforts into the portrait album. We in traditional wedding photography style looking to capture perfect momentsexcellent shots of the wedding party, families, and planned events, generally treats every image as a posed portrait.

We look forwards to speaking with you about your needs and our reasonable wedding photography packages.


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